We build products with startups and corporations and reinvest what we make into building cool new things with all the U+People.

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We believe in...

Doing something new in every project

Our philosophy is to set demanding goals for every member of the team. Because of this, we are constantly learning. We try to incorporate these ideals into each and every project we are involved with.

Treating you like a partner not a client

Because we believe in maximizing our partners' potential, we are ready to face tough decisions together. Ultimately, we aim for success and celebrate the bold moves that we make.

Helping each other

Pushing ourselves to the limit and facing new challenges requires trust in each other. We know that we can depend on everyone in our team. We trust that when we fall, our colleagues are there to pick us up and help us to push forward.

We love our job, every project is an opportunity to learn something cool and new and step a bit further than before.

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We are always looking for bright people to join our team and take us one step forward.

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