Meet James

He will create an interactive app or website prototype
starting at $999 and 3 days

1. Describe your idea

James will want to understand your business idea, target audience etc. to

  • Properly align your business with those of your future users
  • Research already proven techniques in your field
  • Ask around in your target audience (he won't reveal your secrets, he signs an NDA with you)

2. James gets to work

After the initial reasearch James creates your prototype

  • Clickable/Interactive
  • Fully featuring what you requested
  • Will compile an explanation of why things are done in a certain way

3. Get a prototype

You get full ownership of the prototype

  • Send to your users
  • Present to investors or superiors
  • Idea visualizations
The team behind James has worked on 20+ startups in the past 3 years. They distilled their knowledge into James for your benefit.

Pick your prototype

Essential prototype Order Example 3 days $999

Starting prototype to help your users wrap your minds around your idea.

Good for starting businesses to visualize ideas.

Standard prototype Order Example 5 days $1,999

You already know what the most common user journeys are and want to visualize them in detail.

Good for visualizing a comprehensive product.

Premium prototype Order Example 7 days $3,999

High definition design in a clickable prototype that feels like the real application.

Good for high volume testing of a significant change in a product

Say hi to James!

Call or email or submit the form, James is waiting for your great ideas.

+‭1 (347) 216-9355

+420 721 718 931


Q: What sort of prototype am I getting?

A: You are getting a clickable prototype without backend logic. So essentially a series of designs connected together so you can demonstrate the flow of an application. If you want a more complex coded prototype we can absolutely do that too!

Q: Will James steal my great idea?

A: No, James wants you to succeed and he is not in the business of stealing ideas. He signs an NDA with anybody who asks. He even has templates if you don't!

Q: Will James continue working with me if my project takes off?

A: James puts a lot of effort to create a prototype that will help you succeed in your business. If there is a possibility for him or one of his colleagues to work with you, he would jump at that possibility.

Q: Can I get free revisions to my prototype?

A: Yes provided those are not large redesigns or changes in functionality. Changing colors, texts and even simple layout changes would be free.