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Forbes Magazine

Czech and Austrian sites

Forbes Magazine, a leading source for reliable business news and financial information.

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E.On - mass market redesign

Comprehensive self care Information architecture and UX redesign

E.On is a energy service provider, located in the Czech Republic.

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Case management system for lawyers

SingleCase is a platform that allows users to integrate all data sources into a single case.

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Homecredit China

Sales and conversion oriented corporate website

Home Credit Group is an international consumer finance provider with operations in 10 countries.

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Payday app

Employee tracking and timesheeting application

The Payday app is mobile application for the Danish company, Payday Online.

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Camel and B&H

Japan Tobacco International

JTI is a leading international tobacco product manufacturer.

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Prague Stock Exchange

Anniversary promotion microsite with gamification and social aspects

The Prague stock exchange is the oldest securities market organizer in the Czech Republic.

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Branding magazine

Global magazine about branding and communication

Branding Magazine is an independent online brand journal that provides insightful news and opinions from the industry.

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Homecredit Vietnam

Sales and conversions oriented corporate website

Home Credit Group is an international consumer finance provider with operations in 10 countries.

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Jatomi fitness

International fitness center chain

Basically everything you see in the Czech Republic that has Jatomi logo on it is done by Usertech.

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ASB Group

Multinational corporate website

ASB is a professional outsourcing provider of high-standard services in the areas of company formation, accounting, tax advisory, trust management and payroll.

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Accounting system

Sečteno is a service that takes accounting data and displays it in a way business people can understand.

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Kup Najisto

The "Zappos for everything" payment platform

Kup Najisto is an e-shop that allows you to order goods online, try them out and pay at a later date.

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CRM and storefront system for cellphone leasing service

Update is leasing service for cellphones that allows customers to pay a fixed rate per month in order to receive a free mobile phone at the end of a payment period.

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Artificial intelligence recommendation and prediction engine website

Modgen is a recommendation engine that is optimized by artificial intelligence methods to produce recommendation models tailored to your business needs.

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Foreign direct investment NGO website

The Association for Foreign Investment is a non-governmental non-profit organization focused on support for foreign direct investment and development of the Czech business environment.

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Comprehensive data scraper integrated into a CRM

Autotým is a service that helps customers buy used cars by incorporate different used car websites into one system.

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Peer to Peer lending platform

Zonky is a P2P landing platform that allows individuals to invest in other people’s projects.

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Together with other innovative companies and investors, we reinvest our efforts and capital into developing new products and startups. Check out what we currently have in store:

Content management system
Hybrid mobile platform
ID card data-mining service
DMS and billing system for lawyers
Hotel booking platform
Resource planning tool
Prototyping solutions
Digital product development
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Creative Dock

Creative Dock

Creative Dock is a startup agency with whom we collaborate with on first class innovative projects. In this partnership, U+ contributes the technological brainpower and visual perspective. We oversee the technological development; from research and design (including the design of eye-catching graphics) to testing the final product. Along with Creative Dock, we create complex teams for other clients who have discovered our abilities.



The Chenen investment group focuses on venture capital investment in the field of new technology and challenging real estate projects.

The Hatchery

The Hatchery

The Hatchery is a venture collaboration forum, building a community of entrepreneurs, emerging companies, and investors, via its events, advisory services, and incubator.

Node 5

Node 5

Node5 is now recognised as the noted hacker space in Prague. In 2015, they joined forces with StartupYard accelerator to host tech entrepreneurs from all over the world.